Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

My "Watch out!
I am analyzing you right now"
I have MANY habits that I wish that I could get rid of.  The worst ones are worrying and over analyzing.  They cause more trouble than I really know and they are a waste of time.  I over analyze pretty much everything and anything that is said or done.  I try to figure out what was "REALLY meant by that".  Usually, my mind turns to a negative conclusion, and then my insecurities set in; I end up causing more of a ruckus than intended.  I feel that this is a product of 4 years of Psychology at UW-Milwaukee. If I was involved with that line of work, over analyzing would not be such a bad thing, but I am not. I constantly struggle to not worry about would could have been and what will be. I also struggle to just let things go, not dwell on them and look too much into things. At least I am working on it though, so props to me on that :)

"Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!" - unknown

I believe I just got done
dominating a bocce
game at my family get together
If I have one ridiculously bad habit, it would be SMOKING.  Not only is it disgusting, it is also ridiculously bad for me and for those around me.  Over the past few years, I have been doing a lot more reading on health and wellness.  I understand that I need to make changes in order to improve my quality of life.  While attending a seminar or meeting a while back, the speaker said to look at your body as if it were a car.  In order for a car to run properly, you need to do regular maintenance to prevent damage.  He noted that people will spend the money to ensure that the car is kept running properly, but are not willing to invest money in the prevention of their own bodies from damage. The thing with a car is that you can trade it in for a new one if you would like.  The same doesn't apply when it comes to your health.  I need to focus on providing my body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.  If you think about it, what good are you if you don't have your health.  If you are unhealthy, you won't be able to work.  If you can't work, you can't provide for your family.  When you can't provide for your family, your stress level will increase, and lead to further health problems.  It is a vicious cycle that I need to do whatever it takes in order to prevent myself from becoming part of.

Day 03- A recent picture of you and your friends

I have always been one of those girls that has been friends with everyone.  I have never excluded people and try my hardest not to judge anyone.  I love getting to know new people as well.  I have a lot of old friends that I miss pretty much every day, and a lot of new friends that I am soo thankful to have in my life. 
With all of that said, I am supposed to post a picture of myself with some friends.  Well. . . below are the most important "friends" in my life . . . my family.  They are the ones that are there no matter what and the ones that I can't go without.  They have all my love and I consider them to be my "Best Friends".
From L to R:
Me, my Mom (Tina), "Brother" Ryan, my Chris, my Dad (Dave),
and my sisters (Samantha and Jessica)


True friends are the one's that will support you no matter what.  They will always encourage you to be the best that you can be.  They don't tear you down when you make mistakes.  Instead, they point out your strengths and  all the positives you have in your life and keep you moving towards your goals and dreams.  I know I don't have to worry about these two people in the picture below.  I can always count on them to be supportive and uplifting.  Thank you for being what I call a "true friend."  I want to give a special thank you to Carolyn (no offense Ryan).  Without her, these past couple years would been too difficult to overcome by myself.  Her strength, courage, compassion, and love have given me the strength to overcome many obstacles and numerous set backs.  I love you and appreciate you. 

(Left) Ryan Cable, (Middle) Carolyn Chatmon, (Right) Me