Frusteration + Fun + Family = LIFE

So, this weekend was all of the above, and more.  This was the final weekend that our family could hang out as just our family before my baby sister, Samantha, moves to Maui, HI.  For this reason we were all on our best behavior, got along and spent as much time as possible together.

Friday I got to leave a little early from work so Sam and I could drive the 3 hours north to spend the night with the middle sister, Jessica.  We were supposed to meet at this place called The Bar in Appleton, but tornadoes in the town that Jessica lives in, prevented her from leaving her house and us driving toward her.  So Sam and I sat at The Bar, had a drink and some appetizers and ordered pizza to go.  (the Lion in the Elvis outfit is for our dad. . . he loves Elvis)  Once it cleared up, we headed to Jess.  We were so exhausted from the drama of the storm that we popped in New Moon and within 10 minutes Jess was out cold.  Sam and I stayed up to finish the movie and then headed to bed.

Saturday us girls made breakfast and invited Grandpa Swartz over.  Note to self: Grandpa can't eat eggs.  We forgot this minor detail and poor Grandpa only ate some bacon and a donut.  I am sure all he cared about was seeing us, but we still felt bad. 

After our late breakfast, us girls drove back down towards Milwaukee and went to a St. Baldrick's event for our Aunt Fil's nephew, Leo.  It was held at a farm.  There was live music, people getting their heads' shaved for donations, food, drinks, face painting, a dunk tank and soo much more!  It was like the first festival of the summer.  We saw lots of my Aunt's family there which they seem like our family too anyway.  We enjoyed our "sister time" very much, but we had to get home to go to our cousin's bday party. 

Jonathon's bithday was a blast!  We enjoyed seeing family, including our Great-Grandma England, whom we call "Fat Granny".  Now some people may feel that this really mean, but when I was little that is how I deciphered between my grandmas! 
We left Jon's birthday party and everyone was exhausted, but we had planned a family outing that night and I made sure we stuck to it.  We went to this event down by the lake called "Jammin the Loop".  None of us had ever been to this event that Kenosha has and we ended up having a great time.  We went to 5 different bars, which is not like us, listened to 5 different bands and the 7 of us had a night that we will cherish forever. 

Chris and Carolyn