Another Busy Weekend!

Boy did we have a crazy busy weekend!  It was still a blast though, so we have to tell you about it.

Friday we scrambled to get everyone ready at home for our trip up to Wisconsin Dells.  By "everyone" I mean my mom and dad, myself and Ryan.  We were supposed to meet Chris at his work to pick him up, and low and behold, we were late.  We run on what is called "Chatmon Time", we are ALWAYS late!  It gets frustrating, especially when people are counting on us to be somewhere at a certain time.  Chris is used to us being late all the time, so he wasn't shocked when he got the call that we were on our way at the time that we were supposed to pick him up at.  Anyway, once we gathered up Chris, we headed up to the Dells.  My dad had a work meeting that we all had to be a part of.  It is planning for this HUGE event being held in August, and each of us has our part in it.  The boys, Chris and Ryan, take care of all the sound and recording for the meetings/presentations.  I myself run the Ladies Luncheon. 

We got there on Friday night and stayed in this beautiful cabin at the Wilderness Lodge.  In this 1 cabin we had 26 people!  It was HUGE!  The group we were with was comprised of people that work with my Dad and their families.  One of the couples brought their 4 month old baby girl, so of course I ate her up!  She was such a great baby, all smiles and quite at could be, of course until I held her!  She started throwing a huge fuss!  But this time I just rocked her and talked to her in a quite, soft voice and got her to calm down and actually fall asleep.  In the past I would have passed her right along once the crying face appeared, but this time I figured I should start the practicing, cause eventually I won't be able to just pass my own baby off to someone else. . . that is, unless it is Chris.  ha ha.  I'll let him deal with the crying baby!  Just joking!

Saturday we went on a tour of the Wilderness Lodge, where we will be holding the huge meeting in August.  The kids swam and the adults met to start work on the preparation for this meeting.  The afternoon came and I had to leave Chris with my family in the Dells so that I could go to a batchloret party in Racine.  I was sad to leave him, but I was SO excited for a "Girl's Night Out"

We started the night out at this really nice Italian restaurant for dinner in Racine and then headed up to Milwaukee on this decked out bus!  This bus was awesome!  It lit up everywhere, and the driver was even cooler for dealing with a bunch of drunk girls.  Us girls don't really go out anymore, so when you put us all together with booze, mainly jello shots, and a means of getting around, you are in for a treat!  I met some awesome girls and got a chance to see a lot of old friends.  Everyone had a blast and no one got sick. . . all in all the night was a success!
Chris had a lot of fun on his end too.  They had a huge cook out with lots of food, and his fav, steak!  Afterwards he and Ryan took a couple of the older kids in the group and went black light golfing.  they said it was a blast.  The rest of the night they played in the arcade with the families and watched Avatar.  What a great movie.

Well by the time Sunday came around, both of us just wanted to spend the whole day resting.  We usually don't spend too many days away from each other, and we know that it was literally only 1 night apart, but we couldn't wait to spend some quality time together too.

Until next time,
Chris and Carolyn

Happy Easter!!

I know this is a little late. . . but:

Hope everyone had a great holiday filled with family and lots of chocolate!  I know that we did. 

Our weekend started out with some friend time.  We went over to Poltrock's house for a beer pong tournament that he set up with about 10 teams of 2.  Neither of us had played in a long time, so we were a little rusty, but we make such a great team that we won our first match and almost won our second. 

Saturday morning I served Chris breakfast in bed. . . oh yea. . . and Ryan too.  Ryan is my sister's boyfriend (pictured to the left).  Normally I get nervous waking him up cause he gets crabby, but I know that because I had breakfast for him it would all be ok!  It is amazing how food can make almost anyone happy!

Later that afternoon, Chris and I joined his parents (pictured to the right) for some bowling!  It was a blast even though I am not so good.  Chris is great though.  He does this thing that the ball looks like it is going to land in the gutter, but then curves around and knocks down all the pins!  Everyone beat my score for each game, but I did bowl over a 100 for the first time ever. . . I think.  Chris's dad made fun of me. . . as usual. :)  Afterwards we went to Stan's, a local corner bar that we enjoy, for some pizza and beers.  Then home for a relaxing night of movies and sleep.

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day!  We went over to Chris's parents house and the whole family was there.  The kids jumped in the big inflatable trampoline outside and worked on not hurting themselves or each other.  Chris had fun gently throwing the kids into the ring, but the kids had more fun I think.  You can tell by the pictures!  Then they ripped through their Easter baskets and we all went home.

Hope everyone had as great a holiday as we did! :)

Chris and Carolyn